Guest Lecture – David Bickerstaff

Posted on 4/10/15 3:44 PM

This week, the 2nd Semester E-concept Development students and 1st Semester Digital Concept development students had a special guest lecture from UK based creative director David Bickerstaff.

An artist, filmmaker and creative director of digital media for narrative environments, David showed us some of the many diverse projects he has been working on, including his work for the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, that our Second semester students are currently working with.

He also showed examples from “Nowhere Island” a unique concept artwork that involved finding a hidden island, and touring it around the coast of England. It even included a pop-up embassy for new citizens to be registered.

He also explained how dancers and choreographers could use artificial intelligence to find new, creative ways of devising dance.

David then showed a wide variety of his different projects from the past 10 years, and gave a lot of inspiration into the areas of audio design and experience design, especially for museums, galleries, and visitor attractions.

His documentary work and video installations such as Narrenturm, Hygieia, Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl and Making War Horse have been broadcast in Britain and shown at many international festivals and exhibitions, which include the Wellcome Collection, Onedotzero, Festival International du Film sur L’Art Montreal, Tate Modern and the documentary fortnight at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

At Newangle, David is responsible for all creative vision, concept and rationale and works directly with the client and project team to develop an effective approach to the design of visual and interactive language. Recent projects have included 3D sound fields, multi-user interfaces and large, immersive video experiences.

David has been a member of the BAFTA jury for interactive art and has won various awards for his projects including an Insight Award for Excellence from the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists in the US.

Bronze-Award for Bolia as best OMNI Channel company at Global E-commerce Summit

Posted on 18/06/14 9:23 AM

soerenSummitThis award was received by Søren Skelbo, who is a former Multimedia Designer graduate as well as one of the first class of Bachelor in Web Development at Lillebaelt Academy. Søren’s title is Web Manager at Bolia.com, where he has worked since September 2013. Here he is responsible for – among other things – for securing synergy between all online medias as web, app, mobile, 3D decorator, online catalogue, Adwords, SEO etc. And with other traditional marketing media. This has owned Bolia the Bronze-Award a best OMNI Channel company at the 2014 Global E-commerce Summit.

Adobe Summit 2014

Posted on 22/05/14 8:35 AM

Summit London 2014

@ Excel London Adobe presented the new strategy. Gone are the days where Adobe just meant stuff like .pdf, Photoshop or Flash.

Now Adobe has invested in serious cloud marketing.

Adobe now means data mining

Adobe now means data mining

The Marketing Cloud

Through the Creative Cloud the Adobe professional is able to target the end user with a deep mined knowledge of whatever the end user prefers. The Marketing Cloud is:

  • User Management / Security
  • Tag Management
  • Profile Management
  • Marketing Mix Planning
  • And much more

Our New Title: Information Architects

Four teachers from the EAL participated in a pre-conference workshop. We learned to segment a large database – and how to send mails and similar to split parts of the population in our database. The tool is truly impressive. The interface is simple, but from the perspective of a multimedia designer this is an interesting development – because all subjects of the multimedia designer programme is in action here.

Segmentation and campaign planning is communication with a touch of database theory (split, join etc.). Designing the message and set up the html for the mail is a combination of interaction and visualization. Planning the campaign is business and communication.

Adobe knows the user via the cloud activities

Adobe knows the user via the cloud activities

An extra added value was that we with the other participants in the workshop and established valuable contacts with potential German, Italian and especially British cooperation partners , which was open for cooperation and to receive trainees from us. Our English contact marketing professional Juliana Ferero proved in many ways to be a very eclectic and interesting acquaintance.

The Dark Side

Adobe really goes data mining. When a user clicks on something or enters a web page Abobe not only claims to know the location of the computer. The database can estimate the name of the user. That being known Adobe can fire of personalized campaings. I feel like Yoda’s “… the Dark Side I sense …” – because I really don’t know whether I’d like to be singled out and targeted like that.

Nobody likes spam but ...

Nobody likes spam but …

Adobe of course knows that nobody likes spam. They feel confident that the solution is the Creative Cloud, that knows your preferences. In reality it’s an ethical question that Adobe – and

The MailChimp Break Out Session

Juliana Forero giving an introduction to MailChimp

Juliana Forero giving an introduction to MailChimp

At the pre conference we met the marketing professional Juliana Forero. Juliana’s background is graphic designer, but she also works with mail campaigns. At a break out session she introduced us to a free alternative called MailChimp. MailChimp can be used for free, but if you want to get rid of the logo you have to pay. Juliana gave a fine demo of the many features of MailChimp – so here’s a very fine alternative to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

“MailChimp offers simple tools that make it easy to design and share email campaigns, manage your subscriber lists, and track results—even if you’ve never built an email before.” (Source: MailChimp).


Rudimental (photo: PKC / PETJ)

Rudimental (photo: PKC / PETJ)

At the Summit Party Rudimental gave an impressive performance . In 2012 Rudimental came out of the cloud of unknowing with the monster hit “Feel the Love.” On the stage with Rudimental we saw Angel Haze performing “Hell Could Freeze” and Ella Eyre sang “Waiting All Night”.

  • Text: Per Thykjaer Jensen, Erik Østergaard.
  • Photo: Pernille Kjærgaard Christiansen, Per Thykjaer Jensen
  • Travellers: Karen-Malene Andreasen, Lars Bojen-Nielsen, Erik Østergaard. Pernille Kjærgaard Christensen, Per Thykjær Jensen.
  • Thanx to: Juliana Forero.

Studytrip Amsterdam May 2014

Posted on 21/05/14 1:33 PM

Students from E-commerce, E-design E-concept development together with students from PBA Innovation and Entrepeneurship visited Amsterdam in week 20.

The first experience was an exclusive presentation from the carismatic Poul Huges and his ’10 meters of Design’ focussed on relations between design, context and content.

At Tamtam.nl the students got to present their projects, for Tamtams client Oxxio – who was also present. Tamtam is invites EAL students to apply for international internships http://www.tamtam.nl/vacatures/internships-at-tam-tam/

Also different exibitions were visited by the team, both at the Stedelijk Art Museum looking for Mondrian exhibition, and the very interesting contemporary art works of Marcel Wanders

Marcel wanders is also famous for the knotted chair from 1996 knottet chair

The team was also invited by the University of Applied Sciences in Haag/Delft, and attended an international seminar on Open Innovation looking into the field of interactions in open innovation research between educational institutions, businesses and social environment. The visit included introduction to the Betafactory and to the campus in Hague.

gruppebilde haag vinnerteam haag

WSA Global Congress 2013 – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Posted on 29/01/14 1:59 PM

Watch this short video from the WSA Global Congress in Colombo, to see how EAL teacher Adam Montandon is sharing the story of the school with the rest of the world.

World Summit Awards

Posted on 19/12/13 12:19 PM

he World Summit Award (WSA) is the global follow-up initiative of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) organised by the International Center for New Media (ICNM), Salzburg, Austria. It partners with the key UN organisations and agencies in the framework of the UN Geneva Agenda and the Tunis Action Plan and selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative ICT applications; to date more than 160 countries are actively involved.

Through national pre-selections and contests together with a global jury process, WSA demonstrates the local diversity and rich creativity of ICT use. WSA is a global hub for everyone who values the crucial importance of local content to make today’s information society more inclusive.


Here are the 18 winners in the 6 categories:
Fight Poverty, Hunger, and Disease:

Friends To Support – India
One of the largest blood donation organisations in India, Friends to Support uses its website and applications to source voluntary donors and those in need on a common platform. Donors are able to input basic information to sign up on the app, and donor seekers are able to do a simple search on the same platform. The organisation raises awareness and solidarity regardless of class, caste, or creed through rallies and events.

Diabetes.bh – Bahrain
As the first online platform to tackle diabetes in Bahrain, this organisation uses stakeholders in the diabetes ecosystem (specialists, hospitals, clinics, universities) to provide key services as well as information through news and blog sections.

Yomken – Egypt
Connecting craftsmen with little to no technological experience with creators, problem solvers, and investors. By combining crowd funding with an open source platform, Yomken allows creatives to share their ideas and see if there is interest in the community to invest. In the same way, it allows craftsmen and small businesses to connect with tech creatives who can help them realise their ideas in an online space.

Education for All:

iScuela – India
Through this tablet-based programme, schoolchildren around India are able to have access to learning material for an entire year without the need for an internet connection. Using images, audio, video, 3D animations, and other interactive methods, the programme can deliver and simplify complicated content in an accessible way. With the tablet generation gaining momentum and hardware prices falling, the team see it as an opportunity to address educational issues throughout the country.

The Lift Initiative (LISTA) – Colombia
This self-teaching platform is the first tablet-based education programme targeting women in rural areas and empowering them through financial information and trainings. Distributed in the community, the tablet-based app teaches users how to navigate the formal financial system, receive tips on managing their household finances, and access a wide range of information despite geographic barriers.

Challenge: Youth – Slovenia
Challenge: Youth (C:Y) is a Global Youth Think-DO-Tank that engages, fosters, and supports young local talents in creating collective environmental, social, and economic initiatives, helping them become the global citizens of tomorrow, with an international online youth community of over 35,000 members from 242 countries and 1,802 schools across world. Through online competitions, they get young innovators to come up with solutions for global problems.
Power 2 Women:

African Queens Project – Tanzania
The African Queens Project is an interactive website sharing the stories of women around Africa. The platform highlights struggles, triumphs, and victories of African women of every generation and the steps they’re taking to make a difference in their communities and nations, so as to motivate and inspire other women who want to do the same or partner with them. The website content includes blog entries, videos, podcasts, and pictures. Regular updates with content and the interactivity with social media is essential to the project. Each month there is an “African queen of the month” featured on the website with a special radio and video interview.

Get Water! – Canada
Get Water! is a story-driven, gesture controlled, endless runner-game for mobile touchscreen devices. It tells an engaging tale about the protagonist Maya, a brave young teenage girl who gets pulled out of school to fetch clean water for her family. The purpose of Get Water! is to raise awareness of water scarcity and how it directly affects girls’ education. “Having a young, confident teenage girl as the lead character is breaking the industry norm, and giving hope to young girls who love to play games as much as their male peers,” says project leader Tuuli Saarinen.

Connecting for My Health – Guatemala
Connecting for My Health is an SMS system that aims to empower young women and girls in rural areas of Guatemala with information regarding the prevention of child and teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV. Through messages, the girls receive free weekly information for seven months but can also ask educators directly about how to take care of themselves. The platform targets youth in 13 rural municipalities using educational games and mobile phones to transmit knowledge and inspire users to become disseminators who will reach even more girls.

Create Your Culture:

Lendabook – Indonesia
Lendabook is a social networking site where anyone can facilitate the mutual borrowing and lending of books wherever they are. It lets people make friends, share books they own, and borrow them from each other. Lendabook is becoming a giant digital library scattered in various regions of Indonesia with diverse collections of books. As the value of books increases with growing ease of access, Lendabook is bound to promote the culture of reading.

Jerry Do It Together – France
Jerry Do It Together is an open-knowledge project that focuses on the building process of IT infrastructures. It brings together citizens that have decided to build a more inclusive digital society. A Jerry is a customized computer inside of a plastic jerrycan, built together with its end users. Made out of end of life materials, they are the low-cost solution for digital empowerment. The project compiles open-source building manuals and free tutorials assisting everyone to create a Jerry of his/her own. Today, around 450 people are actively participating or following the project’s activities in Europe (France, Germany, Ireland) and Africa (Algeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin).

You Are What You Post – Mexico
“You Are What You Post” (“Eres lo que publicas”) is a social campaign aimed at reducing the negative consequences of inappropriate use of digital social networks. The website focuses on a strategy for young people, advocating the proper use of social networks to turn them into platforms for personal wellbeing and offering protection against cyber-crime. The project encourages moderation in the use of online networks in order to avoid social isolation and computer addiction, and raises awareness of the personal and professional consequences of posting inappropriate or discriminatory content, as well as one’s geo-location in real time.

Go Green:

Viadedo – Paraguay
Viadedo is the first carpooling platform in Paraguay that offers car owners with a spare seat a place to post their planned routes, so that passengers can join them. People gain another means of transportation and car owners save money on fuel. Considered to be dangerous, carpooling was once a controversial topic in Paraguay. To overcome this perception, Viadedo targeted safety as the major priority in the project’s development, allowing users to check drivers’ credentials on Facebook. Car owners can also post a route that is only visible to their Facebook friends or friends of friends.

Book for Book – Greece
The Book for Book website provides high school students with the possibility of matching requests and exchanging books of particular interest. In the spirit of solidarity and environmental awareness, the platform aspires to host young students and parents who wish to find books online for free, quickly and easily. Platform users can offer or search for specific textbooks that other users living close to them may have already offered. A meeting can easily be arranged for the book exchange to take place. School principals or even students within a specific neighbourhood can organize a meeting for a large-scale exchange of books between classes within a school or in a public place.

Withaa – France
The Wiithaa website is an upcycling network. Upcycling is a way of recycling by adding value or new use to objects or materials thanks to design, helping companies to give new life to their waste. The Wiithaa Lab invites designers, engineers, and other specialists to evaluate excess production and to offer local synergies, find new partners, and especially develop prototypes of new products or new services. Wiithaa accompanies users in the implementation of these new processes. By applying design thinking to the problem of waste, businesses and communities can use the proposed solutions to reduce or recover the waste they produce, whether at the production or distribution stage.

Pursue Truth:

B The Media and Kalabash – Zimbabwe
Kalabash is a website that was launched in mid-2013. Its content draws in perspectives from around Zimbabwe with contributors from the capital and the smaller cities. As a budding platform for the youth, Kalabash was visited over 11,000 times in its first month. It has been recognised by many public figures, including the nation’s Minister of Sport Arts and Culture, who praised and shared content on social media. The intention of Kalabash is to build a culture of free expression amongst the youth. Through B The Media workshops in schools and elsewhere, the site finds audio, written, and visual content to publish online.

Social Cops – India
A belief that citizens’ voices can be harnessed as a resource led to the invention of Social Cops, a technology platform that crowdsources citizen reports regarding civic issues and forwards them to relevant authorities. Google Maps integration & GPS tracking allows the user to identify the relevant authority in a given case and forward the complaint via a customized dashboard with automated daily/weekly analytics. Social Cops uses citizen data and matches it with third-party feeds to increase accountability and to incentivize public servants.

Yes AYV Creative Youth Media Project – Sri Lanka
The Yes AYV Creative youth media project was launched in 2011 with the support of UNHABITAT and Adobe Youth Voices. Over 100 under-served youth were trained in digital media creation. Yes AYV has been a telling success, polishing young people’s skills in teamwork, self-expression, interactive dialogue, and digital journalism so that they are able to report on issues relevant to their lives. By learning to create and publish digital media on interactive social platforms, once deprived youth have turned into active participants addressing the public interest of their community, country, and world.

Ipads in the classroom – for teachers

Posted on 8/11/13 11:35 AM

On Thursday 14th November at 14:30 In the library, Adam Montandon will be happy to run a short workshop (about 45 mins) where he can show teachers how he is using smart devices in the classroom.

All teachers are welcome to attend.

Adam will show you:

  • Some of the latest apps that he likes to use in the classroom.
  • How to use the ipad as a replacement for powerpoint.
  • How students can use their devices to interact with the lesson in real time.
  • How to deliver quizzes, polls, and classroom feedback instantly.
  • How to use the ipad and devices for team building and team work challenges.
  • How students can give you feedback as to what they learn, what they think of the lesson, and how we can improve our teaching with this.
  • How teachers can have feedback digitized and instantly available in spreadsheets so we can analyses our work.
  • How to use your ipad instead of a laptop for presentations, so you dont have to carry around a bulky computer.

If this sounds like something you would like to know about, then please come to the library on Thursday 14th November at 14:30 – Please bring your phone, tablet, laptop or other smart device along to join in the fun.

SpeakUP: Playful Business

Posted on 8/11/13 11:05 AM


Join E-concept teachers Adam Montandon and James Norwood for this great free event in English, on 13th November from 16:00 to 17:00! It’s also Jame’s birthday, so help him celebrate in style. You can find out more on the facebook page here.

Playful Business – the link between innovation and play (special edition in English!)

—–> Tilmeld dig via mail til era@houseofrelations.dk – det er selvfølgelig helt GRATIS.

Denne måneds SpeakUP handler om, hvordan man bliver bedre til business gennem play. Vi skal lege med tanken om at lege sig igennem sin arbejdsdag. Play tillader os at eksperimentere med nye idér, genere nye koncepter, giver os fleksibilitet til at tilpasse os nye situationer, og hjælper med at finde nye roller i teams.

I kan møde James Norwood og Adam Montandon fra EAL, som vil udfordre os med tanker som ’It’s not all play…or is it?’ og ’Playing with the bottom line: how to make millions by messing around’.

James Norwood er lektor hos Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt, hvor han underviser i multimedia design, interaction design & business. Derudover er han projektleder hos Welfare Innovation Group Denmark samt grundlægger og tidligere direktør for specialmoves i London.

Adam Montandon er lektor på Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt, hvor han underviser i e-concept development, innovation og entrepreneurship, og har international erfaring. Adam tror på, at play er mere vigtigt end bundlinjen.
De sidste 3 år har han brugt på at researche virksomheder i forsøget på at finde ud af hvad der gør dem unikke og ’awesome’ – tjek bogen The Awesome Department. Hans oplæg er kendt for hans inspiration, entusiasme og energi.

BEMÆRK: Oplæggene vil blive afholdt på engelsk. Deltagelse kræver en tilmelding via mail til era@houseofrelations.dk – det er selvfølgelig helt GRATIS.

Intro Camp Autumn 2013

Posted on 15/09/13 6:58 AM

Students from the danish and international classes went to Langeland. Here are some images from the first semester intro camp at Hovborg Lejren.

How to find inspiration

Posted on 10/09/13 12:11 PM

How to find inspiration: Do you ever get stuck coming up with ideas? Adam Montandon from The Awesome Department gives you 5 top tips to get over your creative blocks.

When Ideas Get Rejected

Posted on 3/09/13 12:09 PM

Are you tired of your ideas being rejected? Do you feel frustrated when your co-workers or clients turn down your awesome ideas? In this video from The Awesome Department Adam Montandon will take you through some top tips to deal with the heartbreak of creative rejection.

Boost your Branstorming – Convergent and Divergent thinking

Posted on 27/08/13 10:59 AM

A new video from The Awesome Department
Get the book here:
In this video Adam Montandon will show you how to Boost your Brainstorming. Use iterations of convergent and divergent thinking to come up with new creative ideas. If you want a better brainstorm to generate realistic ideas, this is the video for you.

How to live your good ideas

Posted on 20/08/13 10:56 AM

Here you can see Adam Montandon’s Ted talk from TedXlinz in Austria, called How to live your good ideas.

If you like it, please share it with everybody.

Here are some questions and answers about the talk. If you would like to contact me directly to ask a question then please email adam@awesomedepartment.com

You can also read about some of these ideas (and more) in my new book called The Awesome Department.

MA Webkanban

Posted on 12/08/13 10:24 AM

Per – master it and webkanban specialist.

Kanban Master
After two years of intensive studies along with full time work at the business academy I finally graduated as a MA in it, interaction design and multimedia in june 2013.

Most of my classes have tried to use a kanban as a creative alternative to other it planning tools. So I decided to write a thesis on how kanbans might support the creative work of multimedia design students.

Trying the student role
Trying the role as a student of multimedia was an interesting experience. Fighting with the leaning systems at the university was a challenge. Sometimes I felt that Fronter and Blackboard were like small angels, but that’s a secret. Most learning systems have grave errors concerning usability and structure.

University projects compared to EAL
At Aarhus University the project descriptions are far shorter than the ones we use at the EAL. In short: you have to define a problem statement for at project. Then you write a report, program whatever has to be programmed and you communicate with your teachers by wikis, blog or social media.

I had a brilliant mentor called Nicholai. Since I’m in Odense and he lives around Aarhus somewhere we had to communicate by Skype and email. Nicholai is a PHD at Center for Undervisningsudvikling og Digitale Medier. (Centre for Digital Development of Teaching and Digital Media).

Webkanban the Reflective Practiconer
The final thesis was called “Webkanban and the Reflective Practiconer”.  I programmed a mockup for a webkanban plugin for WordPress. And used a reflective blog during the process of brainstorming and development. The master grade is a top up on my previous academic degrees (MA literature BA art history). From 2011-13 studied advanced web programming, social media, web communication, storytelling and computer science at Aarhus University / IT Vest.



Trip to CeBit

Posted on 6/03/13 8:00 PM


This week students and staff from all over EAL and MMD will be at CeBit in Germany. Students will be really excited to attend the worlds leading high tec event. They will especaily enjoy the CeBit Lab where they can see the direct interface between ideas and commercial application. It is the place where visions are transformed into prototypes. The world’s most important ICT research platform, CeBIT lab attracts senior policymakers, plus large numbers of highly qualified attendees.

Thanks to CeBit for supporting the school and putting on a great event.

Headspace enter MMD headspace

Posted on 20/02/13 8:17 PM

Headspaces’ creative director Anna Charity and head of tech development Matt Bilson joined the e-concept 2nd semester students via skype to talk about their latest interactive installation at Selfridges on Londons Oxford Street. The session was part of the semester e-media production education where students were playing with creative coding as a topic for the day.

Anna and Matt explained the development process from initial pitching, prototyping through to installation of their work. The installation was built upon openframeworks using the kinect camera. Flash even played it’s part in the development process as a tool for the creative team to layout their designs. Once created the co-ordinates, scale and rotation of the images where exported from Flash JSON format into openframeworks.

The testing hours were a little tough due to the store not allowing access during opening hours. This meant testing of the installation tended to take place during the early hours of the morning.

Selfridges was voted the world best department store for the second year in a row and sits on Europe busiest hight streets. The installation is open until the end of February, if you’re in London check it out.

http://www.getsomeheadspace.com/ & http://nonoise.selfridges.com/

International Students on a Trip to Kolding

Posted on 27/11/12 8:30 PM

November 22nd – 23rd the international first semester classes went to Kolding on a study trip. First stop was Kolding Komune. They asked the students to give ideas to multimedia installations by a path on the riverside. After walking along the riverside we went to Trapholt and Koldinghus.

Later in the evening the bus took the students to a cottage. We had a wonderful lasagne – and entertainment from the students.

The next morning we went back to Kolding Kommune. The students presented their ideas. Perhaps some of the ideas will be made in real life. We’ll see.

Info graphics and curation of social content

Posted on 28/10/12 8:43 PM

Paula Scher presenting at Typo London

These were the hot subjects at the graphical design conference, Typo London, from which the four design teachers Lise Agerbæk, Kent Karlsson, Mona Lyngs and Kristin Utne  have just returned. There was very much focus on creating information graphics to illustrate scientific facts or statistics – among others by Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright. Mariana Santos & Mark McCormick from the English newspaper the Guardian talked about “open journalism” where the subject of the articles was content from social media – calling it “curation”.

The theme of the conference was “Social” – so the different speakers all in some way tackled how graphic design is social in its nature. Among the speakers was Paula Scher of Pentagram, who you can seepresenting in the image above. She has designed everything from record covers to MoMA identity. She made the point that all graphic design is social, because graphic design always try to reach out, to communicate.

Another memorable speaker was Joshua Davis, who created 33 different grids, which he asked the participants to use as a basis for graphic design or typography. The grids are already being used as a base for teaching grid based design at MMD. He also showed some fantastic designs based on programmed vector graphic. We see this as an interesting idea for a collaboration between the subject areas Interaction and Design at MMD.

Article on evaluation of innovation in learning

Posted on 28/10/12 8:11 PM

Innovation & Læring

Teacher Lise Agerbæk at MMD Odense has published an article on evaluation of innovation. The article is written together with Martha Haahr and targets the Danish upper secondary schools. The point is to explain how innovation can be evaluated as a process in steps. It is based on the method by Bill Buxton.

The article is part of a book which is about the philosophical perspectives of innovation and learning in general. The book is in Danish, and you can read more about it here.

Søndag 6. maj 2012

Posted on 11/05/12 9:55 AM

Så kom dagen for hjemturen til Danmark.

Tidlig morgen ved seks-tiden, stod vi trætte ud af sengen. Nogle glædede sig til at komme hjem efter ti lange dage, mens andre sagtens kunne bruge et par ekstra dage.

Flyveturen hjem gik godt og hurtigere end planlagt. Efter en krammer og et “tak for en god tur”, blev vi alle hurtigt spredt for alle vinde i grå og kolde Danmark, tilbage til dagligdagen.

Lørdag D. 5/5-2012

Posted on 11/05/12 9:42 AM

Dagen startede stille og roligt med en lille bustur til Vilnius. Ca. efter en times kørsel stoppede vi i en lille by kaldt Trakai, hvor der befandt sig et slot fra helt tilbage i det 14. århundrede.

Efter en hurtig tur gennem slottet, fik vi frokost i “Akmenine Resident”, som er et meget besøgt sted af de lokale fra Vilnius, og derfor er det ikke altid lige nemt at få pladser.


Efter et godt måltid, gik tures videre til Vilnius.

Da vi ankomte, fik vi lov til at gå lidt rundt i byen og nyde det dejlige vejr.  Drengene fandt os hurtigt en lille café, hvor vi fik en øl, samt nogle noget mad. Pigerne valgte derimod at gå på shoppingtur. Efter to timers lækker vandretur, blev vi guided over til den gamle del af byen.


Her fik vi muligheden for at besøge et af de højeste punkter i Vilnius, men det var kun drengene og Stine det var modige nok til at bestige kæmpe bakken. Mens nogle tog sig en gåtur i byen, påbegyndte resten den lange tur til toppen af bakken. hvor man fik en perfekt udsigt af hele Vilnius.


Derefter mødtes vi allesammen, og fandt en restaurant ved siden af en lille flod.


Ca. kl 20 gik turen tilbage til Kaunas. Det var en lang og stille tur, da mange lå og sov på grund af de lange gåture gennem byen.

Da vi ankom til hostellet havde Madhi og Olaf lige knap 20 min til at gøre sig klar inden de skulle mødes med nogle af de litaunske studerende, som de havde aftalt at tage i byen med, for at feste. Resten blev på hostellet for at slappe af og pakke, inden vores hjemrejse tilbage til Danmark.

Det var en go dag!

Onsdag D. 2/5-2012

Posted on 2/05/12 10:15 AM

Onsdag var vi endnu en gang i fuld gang med projektet.

Efter en hård dag trangt vi til noget god mad, så vi tog ud og spise på Kaunas hotel****, hvor maden var lækker, betjeningen var god og vigtigst af alt, vi kunne betale hver for sig. Efter maden tog nogen hjem og nogen tog videre på pub med vores lokale venner fra Litauen, for at få en øl og se Chelsea kampen mod New Castle.

Tirsdag d.1/5-2012

Posted on 1/05/12 12:49 PM

Tirsdag tog vi ud paa en skole, for at arbejde sammen med vores samarbejdsklasse. Her sad vi i grupper og arbejdede paa at goere Kaunas Zoo bedre. Efter nogle timers haardt arbejde, tog vi til Pizza Jazz for at indtage en god og fortjent frokost. Efter vi have faaet lidt at spise, gik turen tilbage til skolen, hvor vi arbejdede videre en times tid. Om aften tog alle ud for at spise samlet, paa en lokal restuarent. Her fik vi bekendskab med nogle lokale retter og oel. Imens vi sad og spiste, var der en laere der spillede klaver. resten af aften noed vi med at drikke en oel med de lokale.

Soendag D. 29/4-2012

Posted on 29/04/12 1:18 PM

Soendag havde vi en lille fridag. Det eneste som var skemalagt var en tur ud og spille paintball, sammen med den litaunske samarbejdsklasse. Det var ogsaa en meget varm dag, oppe omkring 30 grader, saa det var meget varmt at loebe rundt i tykt kamuflagetoej, masker, handsker, og toerklaede, mens man skulle holde paa gevaeret, som vejede 2-4 kg. Alle hyggede sig, selv om nogen fik nogle ordentlige blaa maerker af skudene.

Efter ca. 2 timer med paintball, var programmet aabent. Vi gik i det store shopping center Akropolis, hvor vi gik rundt og shoppede. Nogen gik paa cafe’ hen af mod aftenen og andre blev i centret.

Lørdag D. 28/4-2012

Posted on 28/04/12 10:08 AM
På vejen hjem fra øen havde vi nogen stop undervejs. Vi stoppede blandt andet ved en skov hvor der var en masse skulpturer lavet af træ – meget imponerende.
Vi var også på stranden og en af de studerende fra Kaunas var så modig at hun tog i vandet selvom det blæste. På stranden så vi et par på heste som skulle giftes. Efter strandturen tog vi alle sammen ud og spise i en lille by.
På vejen hjem til kaunas havde vi et hurtigt stop på en tankstation, efter vi havde kørt en times tid finder vi ud af at vi har glemt Christian!!! Panikken i bussen spreder sig og vi leder efter ham på toilettet men der var han ikke. Olaf får så fat på Christian langt om længe. Christian har heldigvis fået et lift af nogle lokale unge til den nærmeste tankstation hvor vi holdte og ventede på ham. Da han ankom havde vi dog en lille forhandling om hvor meget de skulle have i løsesum for at vi kunne få ham tilbage, men det endte med at vi fik ham gratis – heldigvis!
Efter en lang og hård dag havde vi brug for mad og afslapning.

Fredag d. 27/4-12

Posted on 27/04/12 9:05 PM

Fredag morgen blev vi hentet ved vores hostel da vi skulle paa udflugt med de studerende fra Kaunas College. Vi skulle til en lille oe/national park som Litauen deler med Rusland.

Vi fik fortalt at turen ville tage omkring 2 timer i bus men det endte med omkring 5 timer.

Vi fik en guidet tour forskellige steder paa turen og sa bl.a en masse fugle samt en masse sand. I slutningen af dagen endte vi med at blive indkvarteret paa et 4 stjernet hotel, de havde dog ikke raad til at opvarme vaerelserne.

Da vi alle var blevet tildelt et vaerelse hyggede vi med de studerende fra Kaunas.


Torsdag 26/4-12

Posted on 26/04/12 8:56 PM

Vi var 7 elever der var saa heldige at skulle tilbringe 10 timer i Riga grundet et fyldt fly. Vi floej fra Kastrup Lufthavn 7.40 og landede i Riga, Letland omkring kl. 10 lokal tid.

Vi havde allerede besluttet os for hjemmefra at forlade lufthavnen og tilbringe tid i Riga centrum.

I centrum spiste vi billig og god mad samt kiggede i lidt butikker. Derudover var vejret rigtig laekkert saa sad i en park for at nyde solen.

Mod forventningerne endte tiden med at gaa rigtig hurtigt saa vi bestemt os for at tage en taxa tilbage til lufthavnen. Det var noget af en oplevelse da de ikke korer specielt godt i Riga.

Vi landede i Kaunas, Litauen ved 9 tiden og blev hentet af Marius, en laerer paa Kaunas College. Vi bor alle paa et lille hostel i Kaunas centrum lige ved gaagaden.


3d Projection Mapping at Nyborg Castle

Posted on 5/01/12 1:10 PM

This winter students from MMD created a huge 3d projection project on the side of Nyborg Castle.

Innoevent wins Creative City Challenge

Posted on 5/01/12 12:26 PM

Innoevent won a Creative City Challenge award in Germany.

“This collaboration was one where real and tangible results were evident. The collaboration between the health sector partner and design student had during 2010 and 2011 events produced a large number of ideas and potential projects..The very simple initiative of using USB sticks to provide information to expectant mothers had resulted the employment of five people and high annual savings for the Health Authority. This is a highly impressive outcome for a student project ‘idea’ and is evidence of a genuine ‘meeting of minds’ and a will to develop and implement ideas to production. It also provided students with entrepreneurial opportunities to further develop their own projects. Excellent collaboration.“

Sandra Gunn, Curriculum Director of the City of Glasgow College, Great Britain

“A persistent collaboration addressing one of our most serious challenges in the future – health. The collaboration has a modern approach with great potential to develop even further. The progress of InnoEvent over years is described as well as the generation of new jobs and the potentially increasing financial return.”

Ann-Britt Carlsson, Officer of Development, Västarvet, Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden

You can read more about the project here.

Optagelse af video ved – UGE46 POWER Plan for vækst – Global etrepreneurship sminar.

Posted on 5/01/12 11:46 AM

Vores studerende dækker dette arrangement og laver et indlæg på vores blog – the Agency er på sagen.

I uge 46 fra den 14.–20. november 2011 er der mere end 100
tilbud over hele landet til alle, der drømmer om

at starte virksomhed eller se deres virksomhed vokse. Der er
arrangementer for alle – fra iværksætterspirer i

folkeskolen til direktører med vækstambitioner. Ugen byder
på events, workshops, konkurrencer, foredrag og

konkret rådgivning, hvor danske og udenlandske eksperter
stiller deres viden til rådighed.

Bag kampagnen står Økonomi- og Erhvervsministeriet sammen
med 33 offentlige og private organisationer.

I 2010 deltog 12.200 unge, iværksættere og virksomheder i
141 arrangementer. Kampagnen er en del af Global
Entrepreneurship Week med 40.000 events i 100 lande.

Dækningen laves i samarbejde med Nordfyns erhverv.

Michael Lundorff-Hansen er kontakt person.


Would you like to be on this site?

Posted on 17/06/11 5:23 PM

MMD Students/graduates, would you like to be featured on this site?

To have YOURSELF featured on the site as a “Student Profile” Please write about 300 to 500 words in total (the more the better) for these questions:

  • What do you love about MMD?
  • Why did you come to MMD?
  • What do you want to be?

Please also put your name, what class/semester you are in, and any links to cool work, portfolio site, or whatever websites you have worked on.


To have a project featured on the site as a “Student Project” please write about 300 to 500 words in total.

  • Describe the project
  • Who made the project
  • Why is this project awesome?
  • What skills or software did you use?

Please also put your name, what class/semester you are in, and any links to cool work, portfolio site, or whatever websites you have worked on.
You should also attach a link, or high quality jpg of your project.

Please then e-mail it to Admo@eal.dk with the word “AWESOME” in the subject line

Please remember that not all projects will be chosen, as we cant always feature everything, but we will do our best.

Student projects help handicapped children

Posted on 8/06/11 1:42 PM

Link to video from TV2Fyn

The BISI projects are being launched June 9th. The projects real name is Building Interfaces for Social Inclusion and it deals with creating products and projects for handicapped children. It is a collaboration between Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education, University College Lillebælt and University of Aalborg – Esbjerg. The students have created projects for children in an institution called Platanhaven. MMD students from BA in E-concept Development participated.

See how regional television covers the project here

Read more about BISI here.

And the winner is

Posted on 21/03/11 10:24 AM

Spring is coming, and we have now found the winner of the competition to design the  spring header for the MMD-Odense blog.

The winner is: Daniel Rossen, from our 1st semester Danish class.

This is Daniel’s intentions: “The general idea was to design a header that represents spring when it is best seeing as we’ve entered that season. I’ve created a simple header using the colours of spring. Basically I’ve tried to keep the design quite simple.”

The jury chose Daniel Rossen’s design because we found that it in a poetic way reflects spring at MMD-Odense.

The jury would like to say thank you to Daniel and all the other great contributors.

Visual Effects Seminar i Dundee

Posted on 28/02/11 8:40 PM

Ved  Erik  Østergaard(eoe@eal.dk)  og  Lars  Bojen(lcbn@eal.dk),  undervisere  på    Multimediedesigner  og  BA  i   E-koncept.

I  slutningen  af  januar  deltog  vi  i  et  Visual  Effects  seminar  i  Dundee,  Skotland  med  ca.  25  deltagere  fra   Norge,  Danmark  og  Skotland.    Siden  2008  har  vi  på  MMD  Odense  haft  en  toning  hvor  vi  arbejder  specielt   med  Film  og  Animation  til  online  brug.  Derfor  var  seminaret  interessant  for  os.   Seminaret  var  en  del  af  projektet  NSSP,  hvor  deltagerne  består  af  partnere  fra  Universiteter,  Filmselskaber   m.m.  fra  Nordsø  området. Formålet  med  seminaret  var  at  styrke  netværket  og  fremme  mulige   samarbejdsprojekter.  

North  Sea  Screen  Partners  (NNSP)  er  et  nyt  netværk  for  alle  slags  medier  i  de  lande  som  ligger  rundt  om   Nordsøen.  Her  kan  man  få  viden  og  hjælp  til  at  producere,  finde  en  egnet  film  lokation,  få  forskningsbaseret   indsigt    i  postproduktion  (visuelle  effekter  m.m.)    NNSP  promoverer  desuden  uddannelse,  træning,  viden  og   færdigheder  baseret  i  områderne  mellem  film,  digitale  medier,  animation,  og  TV.

Seminaret  blev  indledt  torsdag  med  en  præsentation  af  nogle  af  de  områder  indenfor  3D  Visualisering  som     Dundee  College  arbejder  med.     
En  forsker  gav  et  spændende  indblik  i  hvorledes,  lydbølger  som  sendes  mod  havbunden  kan  bruges  til     punktbaseret  3D  visualisering.    Der  blev vist  hvorledes  et  gammelt  skibsvrag  fra  2.  VK  i  Themsens  munding  blev   visualiseret,  således  at  redningsteam  undgik  udetonerede  bomber.  Metoden  kan  også  anvendes  i   efterforskningsarbejde  på  store  ufremkommelige  havdybder.  og  her  nævntes  Titanic  og  BP ́s  nok  så  kendte   olieplatform,  som  eksempler  på  mulige  projekter,  som  kan  få  glæde  af  den  udviklede  metode.

Medicinsk  Visualisering.

Forskeren  John  McGhee  viste  eksempler  på  hans   arbejde  med  at  3D  visualisere  mhp    at  forbedre   kommunikation  mellem  patient  og   læger/sygeplejersker.    
Da  vi  senere  talte  med  John  viste  det  sig  at  der   kunne  være  en    mulighed  for  et  kommende   samarbejdsprojekt  indenfor    biomedicinsk   visualisering.
På  MMD  er  der  i  forbindelse  med   det  årlige  InnoEvent    arrangement  opstået  et   godt  samarbejde  med  OUH,  som  følges  op  med   Innovationsuge  i  uge  11.
Læs  mere  herom  på   http://www.innoevent.dk .
(Se  eksempler  på  John  McGhee ́s  arbejde  på  http://www.innerpixel.co.uk/)
Filmiske  effekter

Nuke,  som  er  et  avanceret  node  baseret  Compositing    software,  blev  fremvist  i  forbindelse  med  et  film   projekt.    Her  var  udfordringen  at  lave  effekter,  sådan  at  et  givet hus  bliver  brændt  af  baglæns. Vi  fik  et   godt  indblik  i  udfordringerne  ved  at  kombinere  fysiske  modeller  med  Visual  effects.
Læs  mere  om  Nuke  på  http://thefoundry.co.uk

Møder  med  deltagere

Alexandra  Instituttet,  et  dansk  fyrtårn  indenfor  anvendelsesorienteret  forskning  og  innovation  baseret  på   den  nyeste  viden  fra  it-­‐forskningsmiljøerne,  var  repræsenteret  ved  Kristian  Krämer  og  Jens  Rimestad.   Kristian  Krämer  har  bla.  været  medinitiativtager  til  Cross  Media  satsningen,  som  vil  skabe  grobund  for  et   nyt  netværk  blandt  kreative  brancher  på  tværs  af  medier  og  kompetencer.  Vi  havde  en  god  snak  med   Kristian,  som  stillede  sig  velvilligt  overfor  forskellige  samarbejdsmuligheder.
Fra Film  Fyn,  som  MMD  for  tiden  har  et  samarbejde  med,  deltog  Julie  Lindegaard.  Et  par  MMD  undervisere  og   studerende  er  ved  at  udvikle  en    I‐Phone  applikation,  der  viser  Sydfynske  film  lokaliteter  frem  til   interesserede.  Her  gik  snakken  bl.a.  på  om  der  kommer  en  Oscar  rute,  idet  Susanne  Biers  ”Hævnen”  netop   var  blevet  Oscar nomineret.  
Video  og  film  selskaber  var  også  repræsenteret  ved  deltagere  fra  bl.a.    M2  Film  i  Århus  og  Asta  Film  i   København,  som  vi  fik  en  god  snak  med  ang.  mulighed  for  evt.  praktikpladser.

Besøg  i  mocap  studio

På  2.  dagen  fik  vi  en  præsentation  af  et  Motion  Capture  studio  på  Dundee  College.    Præsentationen  gav  et   godt  indblik  i  de  muligheder  som  teknologien  giver  for  at  optage  bevægelser  og  overføre  disse  til  3D  figurer.     Systemet  var  her  trådløst  dvs.  optagelserne  finder  sted  uden  kabler  som  traditionelt  kobles  til  kroppen.  På   Multimediedesigneruddannelsen  har  vi  ligeledes  et  mocap  udstyr  til  rådighed,  og  vi  kunne  se  muligheder   for  samarbejde  fremover  indenfor  dette  felt.

Alt  i  alt  gav  seminaret  nogle  gode  kontakter,  som  vi  fra  MMD ́s  side  vil  forsøge  at  følge  op  på  i  foråret,  så   der  udkrystalliserer  sig  spændende  projekter  indenfor  visualiseringsområdet.

Flash Superstar from MMD Odense! Flash Developer at In2Media – A leading Scandinavian digital agency!

Posted on 1/02/11 5:29 PM

We can proudly announce that Daniel Schmidt, who graduated as Multimediadesigner from Odense in 2007, now works as Flash Developer in the leading Digital agency In2Media.
Daniel has strong Flash scripting skills and his specialties includes:
Flash, ActionScript 3.0, JSFL, Papervision3D, Pixel Bender, SWFAddress, PureMVC, Robot Legs, Facebook API, Flex, Android and waffles.(see his LinkedInProfile here)

Daniel worked for Framfab/Trible Lbi for 3 years, where Daniel made Flash development for these clients:

– BearLeague.com
– Danske Bank
– Danske Spil
– Electrolux
– Etihad Airways
– Glenda International
– IKEA Business
– Nikewoman.com
– TV 2
– Tyskturist Information
– Volvo

Although he´s a busy man, we hope to see Daniel at MMD Odense this spring presenting some of his great Flash work and experiences.


January header of the month

Posted on 10/01/11 9:25 AM

And the January winner is: Michael Himmelstrup from Danish 1st semester Film and Animation.
A brief description of Michael’s design intention
Putting MMD Odense on the world map (indicated by little red dot), working with the current colour scheme on the blog adding texture and keeping MMD as the focal point in the composition.
The jury said:
Michael’s header is an aesthetically pleasing design, with a grey colour scheme, which nicely reflects the month of January. The rough background picture establishes a nice contrast to the simple logo, clearly putting MMD on the world map. The design puts emphasis on the fact that we are an international department, with students from all over the world, being educated to work internationally.

Former MMD Odense Student Makes Great funky Music video!

Posted on 7/01/11 3:23 PM

Malte Greis (left), a former MMD Odense student, who graduated in 2008, now works professionally with videoproduction.

Malte has recently produced a lot of music videos. Now you can see a brand new musicvideo featuring the upcoming newfunky band Them Socks, nominated for the Odense Live 2010 Talent price taking place January 22nd 2011 at Posten, the best concertplace in Odense.
Jakob Ingversen (right), known from TeaterSport and Odense Filmværksted instructed the Musicvideo.
//posted by lcbn

Vote for the best ShowGoManiac Musicvideo!

Posted on 14/12/10 12:43 AM

The 1FA  class at MMD Odense have worked hard the last weeks producing brand new musicvideos for the upcoming Danish Rock band ShowGoManiac. Using tools like Sony HD cameras, Greenscreen, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Maya and Dreamweaver // by Lars Bojen
Through Facebook and other social media, people were encouraged to vote for the best music video prototypeuntil December18th. The vote is now over and the poll results are shown here:

See “behind the scenes” video below here – With lots of sexy secrets!

Medium: www.youtube.com
Link: www.youtube.com

One of the music video prototypes:
Medium: www.youtube.com
Link: www.youtube.com

And the Christmas winner is

Posted on 13/12/10 10:30 AM

The winner of the Christmas Header of The Month competition is Irina Bogos from 2nd semester International Class.
Irina’s explanation of her design:
The target group for my design is represented by the students of MMD, who are also the majority of people that access the mmd-odense.dk blog.
I feel that this design would appeal to them because it is warm, colourful, fresh and creative. The inspiration for this design were, of course, the upcoming Christmas holidays, which are a time of giving and celebrating with your friends and family.
Comment from the jury:
Colour harmony which creates an atmosphere of Christmas, convincingly designed in a way which supports the MMD logo.
The jury would like to thank all the contributors for their fantastic designs

Infomøde i Odense om Multimediedesigner og om Pba i Webudvikling og E-koncept

Posted on 15/11/10 2:17 PM

Informationsmøde om uddannelserne Multimediedesigner og Pba. i Webudvikling og E-koncept i Odense.

Mød op 18. november og hør om dine muligheder for at tage en spændende, erhvervsrettet uddannelse.

Der starter nye hold på uddannelserne 31. januar 2011!

Hvornår?: 18. november kl. 16.00 – 17.30
Hvor?: Munkebjergvej 130, Bygning 8, lokale 28.

And the winner is………

Posted on 9/11/10 9:31 AM

The winner of the “header of the month” competition for November is Andreea Mironiuc from MMD 1st semster International class B.
Andreea’s comments:
The target group for my design is young people who study mmd in Odense. Therefore, the design is fresh and colourful. It expresses joy, creativity and imagination, so my message is “dare to create”, “feel free to explore your imagination beyond the boundaries”.
Comment from the jury:
In all respects a strong design, which follows the competition guidelines, providing good options for open interpretation.

The jury would like to thank all contributors for their fantastic contributions.
The January header has been chosen and will be announced during the first week of January.
Please remember that later this week we will open the competition for the Christmas season header!

Trip to local printing house Fynske Medier

Posted on 2/11/10 8:26 AM
3rd semester at printing house

The change of paper in the machine is fascinating. In front gigantic roles of paper

November 1. 2010 3rd semester students visited a printing house as part of the Interdisciplinary Element “Publishing”. We wanted to see the workings of a highly automated printing house – and where better to go than where the local newspaper is printed. We were shown the entire process, from when the printing house receives pdf-files and turn them into aluminum plates, which are used for the printing process, to where the paper is packed and put on trucks. The press is 5-7 seconds on printing an entire newspaper, which is even stabled in the process. The newspapers are then carried into the packing room, which houses Europe’s longest automated insert line, where all kinds of inserts can be put into the finished newspaper – even DVD’s and samples of shampoo. We are very grateful for this chance to see a highly professional working environment.

3D Experience workshop 2.sem web

Posted on 27/09/10 4:12 PM

We have finished our 3D experience workshop for 2sem web classes where we use Maya, Photoshop and Unity 3D.

It was a very pleasant experience with a lot of good work.

Click on the headline above to see more pictures

Two of the girls and their island


UDK uses Flash as UI tool

Posted on 16/09/10 6:40 PM

In August release of UDK Adobe Flash integration from ScaleForm is part of the UDK and therefore totally free.
Now our students can utilize their design-powers to jobs in the game-industry.
UDK Flash

F&A students by WM Kerteminde – see pdf (in danish)

Posted on 15/09/10 4:30 PM

See the newsletter regarding our students participating in WM for Windsurfing in Kerteminde, as the media-team.



F&A 3.sem group is media team for World championship

Posted on 2/09/10 11:16 AM

A group of our students are the media team for world championship in Windsurfing in Kerteminde here in Denmark.
They are streaming videos from the boats to Internet, taking pictures and updating the website.
See video from TV here:


Nice Filmfestival Project June 2010- Web and video prototypes

Posted on 12/08/10 5:54 PM


This spring talented students from 2. semester Film & Animation class developed web og video trailer prototypes for Odense International Filmfestival (OFF – See www.filmfestival.dk ). Along with analysis of target groups and communication related issues.


Birgitte Weinberger, the nice lady at the picture and managing director for OFF,  gave the Film & animation students good introductions and feedback to the students work during the semester.
MMD Odense is very happy about the cooperation with OFF, that has provided the students with a realistic case environment. Further more the OFF  project gave the students very good production experience using software tools like Maya, Matchmover, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Adobe Flash.


Watch Video trailer examples:
1) Group2, “Play Purple”:

2) Group 4, “Be Seen”

3) Group 5,  “Switch OFF”

All the students work can be found at project site:  http://finaloff.sub.ots.dk

Regards Lars Bojen, F&A Coordinator, lcbn@eal.dk


Clickable Screenshots from some of the OFF  trailers and websites.





MMD teachers at TypoBerlin 2010

Posted on 25/05/10 10:22 AM

Mette Agerbæk and Lise Agerbæk in TypoBerlin 2010 outfits

Mette Agerbæk and Lise Agerbæk in TypoBerlin 2010 outfits on Berlin Hauptbahnhof

“Passion” was the theme of the 2010 TypoBerlin conference, in which MMD teachers Mette Agerbæk, Merete Østergaard and Lise Agerbæk just participated. The logo of the conference was thus a heart in a tattooish style, which could be bought on tee-shirts, seen in presentation titles and put on your body as a disposable tattoo. The conference was a boost of inspiration. Candy Chang, a designer and urban planner working for among others Nokia, taught us to look at the street as a place that graphic design can interact with. Frank Schomburg from Nextpractice.de taught us to look at ourselves not as digital natives, but as either digital residents or digital visitors. He based this on a massive questionnaire survey. The findings show that how you populate the internet has nothing to do with age, but a lot to do with how you use the internet. Lastly König Bansah and Julian Zimmerman in a presentation wittingly called “The King is Customer” showed how a graphic design for a Ghanaian king from Ludwigshafen should look in order to make the king look both very royal and very exotic. Apart from that we as designteachers were very happy to learn of the new webfonts format called woff, which allows webdesigners to use a lot more fonts that the 3-4 installed on most computers.

“Big Typography” – new web design style at MMD Odense

Posted on 1/05/10 6:30 PM

MMD now with a add-on BA
“Big typography” literally means huge typography – the use of giant letters in webdesign. This is seen in more and more places on the net. Look at e.g. DesignMag or Smashing Magasin.
At MMD-Odense design teacher Mette Agerbæk has introduced “task force typography”.
Students work intensely with different fonts – among other things by drawing them by hand. Mette calls this “typography croquis”. The idea is to develop a close relationship with different fonts. We want students to leave MMD-Odense with a design-style-toolbox, so they may offer clients many design options. Big Typography is just the latest of the design styles, we introduce students to.
The illustration shows Big Typography used in a web design.

3D Experience workshop

Posted on 29/04/10 5:49 PM

With our 1.sem Multimedia designer classes for web, we have just finished our first 3D experience workshop, and with great success.

3D Experience Workshop Website

In this workshop our students visualize different kind of buildings based on the tools Photoshop, Maya and Unity 3D.
3D Experience MMD Odense

Check it out.

MMD Project – Nominated between the top 20 in Europe

Posted on 13/04/10 6:45 PM

The Professor’s Laboratory is now gone – south – to Spain.

Skærmbillede 2010-04-13 kl. 18.39.41
Link to blog from Spain
You can follow the project in Spain above.

The group is nominated in Spain to be one of 20 best new and innovative projects in Europe.

Thursday this week they will present the project for the judges.

We congratulate here from MMD Odense and hope that the group will win.


Escape Studios

Posted on 27/03/10 8:41 PM

Vi har i London besøgt Escape Studios.

Skærmbillede 2010-03-27 kl. 19.37.28

Vi fik set et professionelt kursus-sted, som dels leverer unge talenter til f.eks MPC og andre produktionssteder i UK og dels leverer hardware og software til firmaerne også.

De studerende kan komme ind i deres job-agency og på den måde få et job i UK.

En 12 ugers uddannelse på stedet koster godt. 8000 GBP, men så er man også så godt som sikret et job i branchen.



Posted on 27/03/10 8:35 PM

Så har vi været på besøg hos:


Det var en stor succes. De arbejder dels med show-reels og dels med film-reels. De har 600 ansatte i London og kontorer i LA (Show reel stedet) og Vancouver (Film stedet nu)
Vores studerende var begejstrede.

MPC arbejder dels med Maya og dels med Adobe pakken og endelig andre pakker herunder Nuke.
De fortalte at de nu vil skifte helt til Nuke, som main applikation sammen med Maya.
Derudover har de en R&D afdeling, som laver plugins til Maya.

Deres ansatte er studerende som vores, som kommer fra hele verdenen. Hende vi talte med kom fra Brasilien.

De studerende fik også tips til hvordan de kan ansøge om at arbejde som “runner” på 4.sem. Altså en person som laver te, kaffe, kopierer etc. og så får chancen til at vise sit værd, når projekterne har tidsproblemer. Masser af ansatte komme ind på den måde.
Hvad de studerende havde lavet tidligere og hvilke papirer de har var ikke så vigtigt, men de skal have en fed show-reel (video), som klart viser hvad de vil. Den skal være kort og præcis. Det kan godt være få sekunder, men til gengæld skal man klart kunne se potentialet.
Vi fik visitkort med hjem fra firmaet


2 semester F&A is in London for the studytour

Posted on 25/03/10 7:11 PM

Our studytour for London is up and running.

Today we visited MPC – http://www.moving-picture.com/

We saw all the new show-reels they are creating. Great stuff.

They use Maya like we do and also AE. We got a lot of tips of how to become “runner” and apply in the company. I think that all students and teachers were very happy.

Skærmbillede 2010-03-25 kl. 18.12.02


One of our students came home from New York

Posted on 14/03/10 8:36 PM

Recently one of our fourth semester students came home from a 4 month practical internship in New York. Welcome home.

Here is the pdf – (only in Danish – sorry).


Avatar sets new standards – 3D video is coming!

Posted on 12/03/10 6:57 PM

At MMD-Odense we will be testing 3D stereoscopic video production in this semester!
Several students will test the 3D video opportunities inspired by the Avatar movie.
Some links to get 3d video inspired:
1) “Nosferatu becomes Orlok the Vampire in 3D!” – July 2009  (How to use AE + Mocha!)
2) “Perception and The Art of 3D Storytelling” – July 2009
3) “Low Cost 3D Video” example 3D rig!”

AE_interface mocha_splines-sm

MMD students take part in Master Class

Posted on 7/02/10 11:24 PM

Since 1st of February the 4th semester Film& Animation-class has taken part in a Master Class.

The Master Classs holds 10 students from MMD, 10 students from Marketing Management (Film) and 10 students from Dundee College who are currently in Denmark with two of their teachers.

As a part of the Master Class these 30 students have had guest lecturers from the Animation, TV and Film Business: Representatives of STV ( www.stv.dk ) and of The Animation Workshop ( www.animwork.dk ) have been among the teachers.

The intensive dialogue with the business was also the ruling principle when the Master Class visited Copenhagen Thursday 4th to have a look into telecommunication compay Telia and their loyalty programme based on film and DVD.  The excursion to Copenhagen ended up with a very interesting visit to Anders Morgenthalers production company Copenhagen Bombay ( http://copenhagenbombay.com ).  During our visit here, we also discussed the possibility for MMD students to take internship in this production company that focuses heavily on cross media.

The Master Class will end Wednesday 10th where the students present their answer to an assignement they have been working with since the 1st Day.

Fairtrade.dk and MMD students work together spring 2010!

Posted on 5/02/10 11:37 AM

5 Students from 3. sem MMD agreed this week with Sune Knudsen, Chief Communication Officer at national Fairtrade organization in Denmark to do a project. The project will be a combination of research, analysis, design and digital prototypes, covering relevant problems defined by www.fairtrade-maerket.dk. //lcbn


MMD Group project goes to Madrid

Posted on 1/02/10 6:03 PM

One of our 4.sem groups have now earned their way to a big chance in Madrid.
Campus Party Europe, an event by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, to be held in Madrid from 15th ? 18th April 2010, during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union and organized by E3 Futura Association.
See Campus Party
The MMD project is a design and programming project based on an innovative idea for the danish event company Danfoss Universe.
See Idea
See Video
The idea is to create a virtual chemistry lab using Flash and Arduino technology.

We wishes David the best of luck in Spain.

Succesfull Musicvideo Project!

Posted on 22/12/09 2:45 PM

By Lars Bojen //
The students in 6 groups from 1.sem Film&Animation have just finished a 2 month music videoproject starring The Fall From Grace, a danish EMO band.
The students among other things made market analysis, concept development, Animatics and a 60 sec. Music Video now available at YouTube.
Some of the tools used in the project: HD cameras, Greenscreen footage recordings at the MMD studio,  CS4 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Maya 2009 and 3D Max.

The band participated in the evaluation an were very positive about the work and now plans to use the some of the videos for the Spring 2010 CD release campaign.

See some of the music videoz at YouTube: GROUP´5 MUSIC VIDEO . GROUP 6 MUSICVIDEO
Medium: www.youtube.com
Link: www.youtube.com
Medium: www.youtube.com
Link: www.youtube.com


Read more about the project at the project site http://thefallfromgrace.sub.ots.dk/.

Match Moving w/ Maya Live

Posted on 22/12/09 2:12 PM

Students from 3. sem Film & Animation in MMD Odense have made exercises in the art of matchmovin/cameratracking.  Maya Live and After Effects was  for combining  CG/VFX in live video recordings. See example below made by Brian Mortensen.
//Lars Bojen

Medium: www.youtube.com
Link: www.youtube.com

Inspiring Company visit

Posted on 13/12/09 8:18 PM

The company Ahead ( www.ahead.com)made a very interesting presentation 16/11 for MMD


students and teachers.
Ahead is a startup company, specialized in online collaborative creative presentation tools. The tool is made in Flash. It´s FREE and the students/creative people can use it for nonlineary presentations and portfolios.

Henrik Pallesen showed us the possibilities that the Ahead software gives. Also he told about the company organization and what is required to work in a company like Ahead. Currently Peter Toth graduate from MMD Odense 2008) works in the company as Flex developer.

Flex is a coding software made by Adobe that collects all the coding required to make the Ahead Flash application to work.

48 hours project

Posted on 25/11/09 3:04 PM

Again this year one of our 4.sem groups participated in the 48 hours project under EAL -our main organisation Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt.

During the two days our students should look at two things. First to give a suggestion for a new layout for the website and including a CMS. Secondly to look at visualisation of the 3D data.

Billede 2


Now it is time for the christmas video

Posted on 11/11/09 2:17 PM

One of our 4.sem web groups is creating the christmas video for their project using our small mobile green screen.




Presentation 4.sem project for Danfoss Universe

Posted on 6/11/09 11:01 PM

IMG_0149One of our 4th sem. groups presented their project for the danish entertainment park Danfoss Universe.
They described the Virtual laboratorium and we had the chance to try out the prototype. It was great.


Technology & Design workshop
3.sem web

Posted on 6/10/09 3:02 PM

In this T&D workshop the 3.sem classes and teachers (miko & Erik) are working with multimedia and sensors.
The idea is to  create concepts for shops based on real life sensors and designing multimedia applications in Flash and then connecting everything using arduino. It was a great week for everybody (miko)



MMD Odense 3.semester F&A Drama

Posted on 6/10/09 2:45 PM

We had two days of drama course on the F&A. One with a lot of talk and one with acting. miko



MMD Mocap fun 3. semester
-Film & Animation

Posted on 5/10/09 11:25 AM


We had a nice day working with our mocap system and making it work directly with Adobe MotionBuilder. Great day.  miko